About Caravan Tales


Caravan Tales is the history of travel, not of travel so much to places, but more of the history of people who traveled.  From my articles on personal travel and my book length history of ancient and medieval travel, also called Caravan Tales, I look at the stories of travelers from the past and relate these to our travel experiences of today.

From my home in Toronto I have taken my interest in history and my desire to visit the world and combined them in order to view my travels a little differently from the standard ‘I came, I saw and I have no idea what I’m looking at.’  My visits to parts of the world with my family has been brief but we have seen much of the world, in snippets, and are looking for opportunities to see more.  Gainfully employed my time available for these trips is always limited and of short duration so I rely on the experiences of past travelers to enhance my own experience.

If you have similar interests please visit my individual posts under the home tab or read my book under the Caravan Tales tab.  Everything on this site is available in PDF downloads and are free; feel free to download, print and distribute as you wish.  If you have any comments, criticism or would like to discuss any aspects of this topic please take a few moments and contact me.

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