The Belitung Wreck and the Jewel of Muscat

PDF Download of article The Jewel of Muscat on display In the ninth century CE a ship loaded with wares of ceramic bowls departed the south China coast bound for an Indian Ocean port west of India. Where the ship was bound we cannot be sure but Aden, Siraf and Basra were busy ports atContinue reading “The Belitung Wreck and the Jewel of Muscat”

…so full of ginger and pepper and other spices…

PDF download I have come to learn that people are divided into two contrary and irreconcilable camps.  Those who love curries and those who do not.  A simple test of where one lies in this divide is based on their willingness to travel to India, the land which has provided us with the vast arrayContinue reading “…so full of ginger and pepper and other spices…”

El fin del Christiandad

PDF download Seemingly at the very edge of the world, Chile is not a common destination for tourists.  It is, in our current day, a relatively easy destination in which to arrive, merely a ten hour overnight flight from Toronto.  Arrival has not always been such an easy affair for there are oceans to crossContinue reading “El fin del Christiandad”

Three Days at Alhambra

Read Full Article For centuries travelers have ventured to the southern Spanish city of Grenada in hopes of encountering the Moor of centuries past.  Richard Ford, Washington Irving and William Somerset Maugham are the most famous of these visitors and today thousands of tourists descend on the site looking for any image of the MoorContinue reading “Three Days at Alhambra”