To an almost certain death: Following Henri Mouhot to Angkor

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Angkor Wat Osbert Sitwell 2

Angkor Wat in Cambodia receives hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists yearly.  Access to the site is easy, the international airport receives direct flights from eight Asian nations and anyone who has arranged a visa and prepared themselves with anti malarial medication can arrive for and a enjoy a short jaunt before moving on to their next destination.  Access has not always been so easy.  Henri Mouhot arrived at Angkor more

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than one hundred and fifty years ago and his efforts to get there were precarious and at time life threatening.  He traveled through the perils of the jungle, mosquitoes and malaria, snakes, tigers and winged ticks.  His journal revealed to the west the presence of these magnificent ruins hidden in the Cambodian jungle and provides an account of his efforts.  Others followed and the site opened up, by the 1920s there was a regular tourist traffic.  This is an account of the transformation of the ruins Angkor from a lost civilization to a modern tourist hub.

Tree Osbert Sitwell 6

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